In the winter of 2012-13 my wife and I were running a dedicated route through the Cascade mountains. This took us over Hwy 140 and down Hwy 97. I was having to chain up 3 to 4 times a night. Using both the “L” handle tool and a small “T” handle to tighten my cam locks, I couldn’t get my chains tight enough. I thought there had to be something better, but couldn’t find anything available. So, one weekend, I made one in my shop at home. It worked really well and I could now get my chains tight. I then made 3 more for friends and co-workers to try. One friend liked it so well he took it to a welding shop to have one made for a friend of his. So, I decided I might have a chain tool that not only made the job easier, but I could manufacture and sell.

I made another tool and took it to a patent attorney to see if it was patentable. It turned out to be possible, so I started the patent process, created Azzie Enterprises LLC and began manufacturing chain tools.

While selling my chain tools at different locations, I ran into a fellow who asked if I would be interested in manufacturing strap rollers. Well, I inquired about it and purchased the strap roller jigs and parts. After some design changes I started manufacturing and selling strap rollers in January 2014.

5 years later, I not only have a web page, but dealers throughout the United States who carry my chain tools and strap rollers, and an online store for the driver's convenience.